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Welcome to Our Story in One Year


What if you could shrink the entire history of the universe into one year?

The universe is a stunning 13.8 billion years old - a million times older than any civilization. On a cosmic scale, we've only existed for the blink of an eye. To truly appreciate the age of the universe, this project compresses the entire history of the universe into a single calendar year. Starting on January 1st with the Big Bang and concluding on New Year's Eve with all of human history, Our Story in One Year seeks to demonstrate the inspiring scale of our universe and astonishing speed at which humans rose to dominate their environment. Check back on this website throughout the year to watch the universe develop. Humans will only appear in the last hour of the last day of the year.

Our Story In One Year

Inspired by Melodysheep's "Timelapse of the Entire Universe" and Carl Sagan's Cosmic Calendar, from Episode 2 of Cosmos : “OneVoice in the Cosmic Fugue”